Happy New Year
Happy New Year!

2016 has been a year for the record books. We’ve definitely all experienced some highs and some lows, but now we are all in 2017! Let’s all try our best to make this the best year ever!

So without further ado, everyone from 200Web would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

At 200Web, we are going to make our New Year’s Resolution a simple one. To further improve our customer service and quality of all of our products and services!

Have you got a New Year’s Resolution yet? If you do, please let us know what it is in the comments.

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Have a very Merry Christmas
A Very Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again that we’ve been eagerly waiting for here in the office. Our Christmas tree is up and is looking beautiful with tinsel, lights and ornaments and we are all feeling very festive. So from all of us at 200Web, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

We sure hope that we are on Santa’s nice list this year! We have asked Santa if he can provide us with some lovely new keyboards to help us create the best products and services for all of our customers. What have you asked Santa for this year? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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Christmas Code
Christmas Puzzle

Are you clever enough to crack our Christmas Code?

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Did you know… Internet speed

Did you know that the average Internet speed last year was 28.9Mbit/s? This may seem like a normal speed for most users and more than enough to do most everyday things such as streaming TV, browsing the Internet or downloading music, but it hasn’t always been this fast.  In 2006, when broadband was being heavily marketed, the average home would have been able to get a maximum of 2Mbit/s. This is 15 times slower than our average today, and that was the maximum a house was able to get! If we go back even further to 1996, before broadband to when dial up was how most households got onto the Internet, the fastest that you were able to get was 56Kbit/s

Dial up modem

This means that the average Internet now is more than 500x faster than it was in 1996!

We at 200Web say thank goodness that things have sped up. Trying to browse current webpages on a dial up connection sounds like it would be a nightmare to say the least, let alone trying to stream a film!

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Riis Marshall
Testimonial – Riis Marshall

When you sign up with a web designer, you want three things: value for money, a professionally designed website that looks exactly the way you want it to look and super service. The nice folks at 200Web will do all three for you. And if you’re not a web designer yourself, service is particularly important for you. Because when you’re sitting at your desk late on a Sunday night and you’ve decided you need a little help to make your site work better for you – this means driving more enquiries and more sales to your business – these guys are there for you at the click of a mouse. I’ve worked with 200Web for over two years now and I urge you to sign up today! Riis Marshall, author and publisher.

Riis Marshall, November 2016

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IPv4 to IPv6
Did you know… IPv4 to IPv6

4.3 billion.  You may think that this is an exceptionally large number, but it turns out that it’s not big enough.

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Did you know…Heartbleed Bug

A few years ago on April 7th 2014, a discovery was made public that quickly became a sensational piece of news.  A vulnerability was found in OpenSSL, a piece of software that web servers use to deliver content to users. This vulnerability allowed for anyone to exploit a function known as heartbeat to read information that was not meant to be readable.

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New Website: candlcatering.com

C&L Catering asked us to revamp their old website. Here’s what we did…

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Give your business the website it deserves
Get a Small Business Website for £21.50 / month!

As part of our winter deal, we’re offering small business websites for just £21.50 per month!

Get your business online today with a beautifully, professionally designed website from our team of experts!

Create an easy-to-update 4 page site and drive new customers to your business

Claim yours at http://200web.co.uk/sites 

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Social media icons
Marketing Idea – Social Networking

Social media. It’s everywhere nowadays.  If you’re reading this post you are most likely seeing this on some form of social media. This is a fantastic method of advertising your business to lots of potential customers.  With social media, you can also advertise both for free or through paid means. Here are some simple ways in which to market your business through social media.

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